Hi! We are ACTIVE MEDIA AGENCY. Based in Miami, FL

Our focus is our client to expand the efficiency of their marketing strategy, create and implement new customer acquisition strategies, steal more customers from their competitition, help them to generate more revenues, and achieve their business goals.

We help our clients deploy resources to improve their data collection efforts and anaylitics methods to make strategic decisions, adapt their strategies market trends faster than their competitors, and send the right message using the right media. We design, develop, and implement creative marketing, advertising, and media strategies to achieve your objectives.

Our Greatest Values

Commitment at best

ACTIVE MEDIA AGENCY is committed to maintain excellence and integrity in developing your media and running your campaign.

Our service is tailored to your objectives and target audience. Our campaigns create value, increase awareness, improve acquisition and retention, deliver brand confidence building trust between your company and your customers.
We have a creative team that explore unique ideas that will fit your requirements whether you want to promote a product, service, or your talent.
Our comprehensive research on your target audience will help us define the framework of your next campaign. We can create a perfect synergy and alignment between business strategy and your market.
We leverage on the power of our tools to formulate a clear vision of your target market and your audience. Our ability to develop and implement on your behalf strategic action plans will contribute to the success of your advertising campaign.
We thrive on our ability to negotiate and ensure timely delivery through the selection of most capable and efficient media channels to maximize ROI for our clients.
Our Strategy Design Plan includes very facet of your campaign. We seamlessly connect customers interactions across multiple channels — video, display, mobile, and social— to develop a comprehensive plan to achieve your goals.

Our Team

Hi! Our exciting and talented people

Andrea Calle

President & CEO

Andrea Calle holds a B.A. in International Finance and Marketing from University of Miami. She has been featured in Telemundo, Univision, BET Spring Bling, ABC. She has an extensive experience in radio, TV, and film.
She won the 2012 Best Internet Media Source, the 2012 Best MMA Personality, and the 2013 Christian Film Festival Best Actress award. Andrea has a strong expertise in the areas of advertising, branding, and public relations.

Luis Lapeira

VP, Strategy and Apps

Luis holds a Bachelor of Science in Electronic Engineering, a BBA in Marketing Management, and an MBA from University of Phoenix. Luis has more than 17 years in conventional, digital marketing, branding, and media planning.
He is an expert in e-commerce and e-marketing strategies, digital analytic tools, and customer engagement. Luis is actively involved in philanthropic causes in youth development and cancer.

Mari Paternina


Mari is a very creative professional. She supports all the activities of our digital creative team and works closely with our VP, Strategy and Apps organizing and preparing materials for various projects.
Mari is an expert in social media platforms and online content development.
She usually spends her free time reading books or watching new and creative TV commercials and Internet ads.

Ashu Kumar

Creative, Digital Platforms

Ashutosh holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from the Interscience Institute of Management & Technology (IIMT). He is an expert in Internet development, internet marketing, and networking. He has strong analytical skills to visualize, articulate, and solve both complex problems for our clients. Ashutosh leads our digital creative team and has implementing strategic plans for diverse companies in Europe and USA.

Darlene Carmel


Darlene is our graphic designer and visually creative talent. She has a great taste in the art of design. She uses modern graphic design techniques to exceed our clients expectations. Recognized for her dedication and professionalism, Darlene is very skilled in visualizing clients requirements and communicating their marketing message.

What We Do

Our ultimate purpose is to create the most effective action plan to build a powerful strategy and implement your project on budget and on time.



Active Media Agency

Strategic planning and execution for tradicional and digital marketing, digital content marketing and distribution, new product promotions, strategic endorsements, customer engagement.

We are experts in lead generation and retention strategies, sales coaching, creative services, market research, database development and integration, traffic monitor and analysis.



Active Media Agency

We manage on your behalf, celebrity endorsements, tradicional and digital media buying planning, press releases, electronic media kits, digital brochures, TV and Radio ads.

Also product placement, direct-to-consumer advertising, social fan pages, customer engagement, online reputation, target audience analysis, ROI measurements, event planning.



Active Media Agency

Whether you are a small firm, a mid-sized corporation, a large firm or an invidual with certain talent, our company core ability is to develop a strong branding strategy that will allow you to achieve your objectives.

We use our expertise and our cross-platform tactics to position your brand in front of your target audience to produce the results you expect.

Active Media Agency - Creative Services

Creative Services


We will create the right content, to target right, the right client. We analyze how physical and cyber audiences perceive your brand and make them part of the collective wisdom that generates ACTIVE results for your company.

Active Media Agency - Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing

Website and Content Development

WordPress, HTML5, Java, jQuery, e-commerce, lead generation, Social Media, , SEO, PPC, online advertising, mobile marketing, Google AdWords.

Active Media Agency - Video Production

Video Production

Dynamic Message

Web videos, commercials, online banners, games, digital typography, cinemagraphs, production, video channel, and scripting

Active Media Agency

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